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As above, I've heard a few tales about the state this band leave a PA in, they involve blood and a very terrified look from a guy who doesn't scare easily.

(I can get you DNA)

does anyone else have anything else relating to this band or its copiers?

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Guest lightnix

According to the NME website:

BABYSHAMBLES will not be re-scheduling their doomed ABERDEEN gig for tonight (October 1) due to safety fears from local authorities.


The front man is Libertines exile Pete Doherty. (a little more NME here). It seems that Mr. Doherty failed to turn up at the previous Aberdeen gig and the fans rioted. See Gigwise and Sky for more.


A previous gig in Stoke on Trent also ended in a riot and it seems that Babyshambles fans have a reputation for trashing venues.


Sounds like rock 'n' roll hell to me, definitely not a gig I'd want to be on.


BBC review of Liverpool gig.

Excite review of Manchester gig.

Another review of Manchester gig.

XFM review of Kings Cross gig.

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