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Garden Sound FXs


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You don't say what your budget is, or how soon you need it by


I assume you don't have the equipment to record your own?


There are a couple that might do on the BBC range of SFX.


It would be nice to have a location for this garden, a time of day, time of year etc...






ECD 074 Suburbia 2 & Skylines, Track 10 Suburban Garden At Night, Distant

ECD 074 Suburbia 2 & Skylines, Track 09 Garden In North London At Evening

ECD 012 London 2, Track 12 Middleton Square Islington, Quiet Spring Morning Atmosphere In Residnetial Garden Square - With Birds


These can be purchased from Canford who might be able to do next day delivery on them



Good Luck




Edit: Bother, You can't buy ECD 072, Only ECD001>ECD060 are available to the Public, so try ECD 015 Natural Atmospheres, one of those might help.

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