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Radio mic infrared programming


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Sorry guys, realise this one went deadfor a while, been painfully busy!


I'll be contacting Toa early next week to see what I can get from them. Be interesting to see how good-a response I get. Trantec were always spot on for customer service, and with the large investment looming, I'll be atching with interest.


In the meantime, I'm going to grab one of the ones from my church and watch the LED's through my digital camera screen. Should be able to see if there's a reply or not.

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Right, sat down with an s5.3 at church today. I watched the IR LED's through my digital camera screen. Only the receiver LED lit, and flashed a reasonably slow looking sequence. So I think there's a chance this may well be do-able with a seperate device.

Time to ask Trantec.

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2 days and still no response from Trantec technical support. Hopefully it's just a blip in the transition process between BBM and TOA. BBM's customer service was always great.


In other related news though, I've found a few products that, assuming it's slow rate IR comms (Hopefully somebody at Trantec will tell me soon), should do the job. The first two were "learning" remotes that are designed to have the original remote pointed at them, you then "record" the data string and the new remote can then have that string assigned to a button.

The other option is only suitable for iphone users (hopefully me in the next week or 2 - 3GS not 4 though!). It's a clip on extra that allows you to turn your iphone into a universal remote. It's capable of learning just like the tv remotes above.


I won't publish links just yet - I'd rather try it out myself and then publish one that I know works. If anybody knows of any dead simple universal remotes (only a few buttons) that are capable of learning, I'd be interested in hearing about them. All the ones I've found have tons of buttons on them.


The iphone solution is expensive (the interface to do IR is about £60), but will fit into my grand plan. I want to be able to wirelessly VNC into my radio mic monitoring pc so that I can do mic checks and keep an eye on RF levels from backstage.

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