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Tonight's easy question is...


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Evening folks,


I'm looking to resurrect an old Peavey mixer/amp and a pair of passive speakers at school for use as a drum monitor. Both of the speakers have two 1/4" jacks in the back and the amp obviously has a L/R output.


So I want to check, are the pair of jacks on the back of the speakers likely to be wired so extra speakers can be wired through in series? If so, does it matter which socket I use to power the speaker?


I don't want to cause any (further) damage before I start!


Cheers and hope you are having a good evening,



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Like most speakers, the inputs are probably parallel so no, it doesn't matter which socket you connect them to. However, I doubt you'd do much damage if you tested them both with a very low signal just to be sure.
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