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I currently have a very limites knowledge of console opperation. I Know how to use only zero 88 stuff (Elara, Alcora, Frog Series (leap,fat,bull,mambo), Sirius, Illusions). I want to widden my knowledge and want to know what consoles are really popular these days mainly for thearte but also for concert stuff. Also who should I talk to re: training at the different companies. Apart from the Avo website I cant see much on console training on any other manufacturers websites.


Fianlly how much do they charge?





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For Hog training email support@flyingpig.com. They run fairly regular sessions at their HQ in West London. The Hog II course runs for two days and costs £100 with lunch thrown in. Worth doing if you are going to be working on Hog and they're a pretty friendly bunch, although I couldn't tell you exactly who to talk to as the guy who was doing it when I went has since left.


The Avo Pearl course is pretty good too... in fact in most cases the best place to start looking is the manufacturers themselves. After all, they built the thing, if they can't tell you how it works then... If you can't find exact details on their website you'll at least find a phone number... give 'em a call!


I think AC lighting can provide training on some/all of the products they sell, and Whitelight also do training on Strand 500 and maybe others.

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We run regular training days on the Compulite range, this week we have a Vector course on Wednesday and a Spark 4D course on Thursday, but I'm afraid these are both fully booked.


Best thing is to e-mail me on andy(at)stagetec.co.uk with your details and I will let you know when we are running one again, if you are interested that is.


Andy Stone

Stagetec Distribution

Compulite UK Distributor

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