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ADJ DJ Scan 250 Ex


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Hey everybody


I am thinking of buying two of these fixtures: American Dj Dj Scan 250 Ex


Mainly I want them for house-parties, so I want them mainly for effect and I don't care that much for precise movement.


Does anyone have any previous experiences with these?

How bright are they? (consider that the light will be off)

How reliable are they?

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american DJ


brightness, see the vid, but seems comparable to most 250W halogen fixtures.

relaibility, cant see a bit problem for houseparties, its not like your chucking them about like a mobile DJ...


if its only house parties, look at the LED offerings, dont get hot, and not a bad brightness either.


Another +1 for LED is that you don't need to replace the lamps, this gets expensive, if the fixtures don't come with lamps you are looking at another 20 odd quid per unit for lamps.


If they are just for effect, perhaps look at some of eBay's wonderfully un-suitable for theater offerings. They are loud and jolty. However they do look darn cool in your house, however should you wish to use them in a theater, you will find they won't do, but at home, they are perfect. Just make sure you get one with atleast a 1 year warranty, I got 4 LED Par64's from China from eBay, cheap as anything, and really punchy and a decent dimming curve, however 2 of them don't have green, a major inconvenience, I'm glad I picked the ones with the warranty.


Don't let this put you off cheap Chinese fixtures for at home, just remember they won't be suitable for anything other than house parties.

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