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RCF / Mackie ART 500


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Just a quick question if I may ?



I`m due to do a call out to repair 2 pairs of RCF/Mackie Art 500 Speakers.


The HF drivers are NOT working in 2 of these cabs , and I suspect its either the HF driver needs replacing or.... The HF Protection Lamp on the x-over board.


If it is the HF protection bulb, RCF spares have quoted me £25 each for a new bulb ?????


Now Iv done a little search on the internet and other users have posted that RCF speakers use a 24v 50w xenon bulb , which costs about £1.00.



I just wondered if anyone here on BR has got actual experience on these Cabs and can confirm which type of lamp I need.


Before anyone says "just have a look" , I want to take some lamps with me so I can repair/replace it there and then.

I won`t have access to the Cabs until next week and the job is about 200 miles from home , so dont wanna go back if it can be helped.



Thanks in advance guys





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ooo Could also do with knowing what type of tools ie Allen keys , Hex Drivers etc I need to get in to the cab , if anyone knows ???






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Hi, I've just had a look around and it looks like it's an Osram 64465, although I can't be 100% sure. Also, the quickstart guide on the mackie website shows phillips head screws for the back panel (sorry, it's been ages since I used a set of these so I can't help further)
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