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Sourcing of Brady identification


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I'm currently in the process of redoing the tails on my multicore. I want to use the Brady numbers to number my XLRs with, however the only place I can find that do the appropriate size (13x9mm) is VDC. However they have a minimum order value of £60... Which when I only want £15 worth of sticky numbers, isn't great. (I totally understand why they do it though)


So, what I was wondering is whether A) Anyone could suggest other sources of the Brady numbers - in the correct size. - I've googled and looked around the usual places, CPC, Rapid, RC.

or B) Any of you have any lying around spare you would be willing to donate. (ideally looking for the numbers 0-9 and "R")


Also, anyone know of a good source of Pliosil nylon expandable sleeving. VDC again have some, however it only goes down to 4mm - Not sure if this is small enough? I was given a name of a company in Devon, who quoted ~ £20 for 200m +VAT +postage, and this stuff went down to 1mm. Which even if it doesn't shrink to its natural size when over the screen, would provide a better grip on the cable than the 4mm stuff. I asked if they would do 100m, but they couldn't, and I don't want 160m + of the stuff lying around!


Anyway, if anyone has some tips, information or spare Brady numbers, that would be fantastic.





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