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Do you need analog VGA? If so then you have to use a relatively expensive scaler / converter - the industry standard being the folsom image pro HD. (cheaper alternatives are available - TVOne do some good products in the lower price brackets, the matrox converters are also worth a look)


If you can feed in DVI-d then the options get cheaper and more compact. I've used the blackmagic DVI converter in the past, which is great and only cost a couple of hundred quid. http://www.blackmagic-design.com/products/dviextender/

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indeed VGA to HD SDI converters (Scan converters) are quite expensive and if you can stay in the digital family of signals you will get easier and cheaper solution, Black Magic is a good and cheap solution.


if you have to stay in VGA, then you can look at the Analog Way TetraVio : http://www.analogway.com/product/TETRA-VIO

this is a good alternative to the ImagePro HD. based on the same idea of a "multiFormat converter" the Tetra Vio is more up to date with some great features such as the audio embedding de-embedding on the SDI in/out, HDCP compliancy, resolution up to 2K... and as a challenger this product is positionned under Folsom unit in term of price (still around 4500£ trade price).


good luck with it!


PS: other option but this is a pure Broadcast product with the price being also "Broadcast" :P : http://www.analogway.com/product/BROAD-SCAN-HD

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You have just reminded me what I wanted to try and find this week. It is possible you are looking for the same thing.


I want an off the shelf graphics card with an SDI output so I don't need a scan converter or any other costly box sitting between the computer and vision mixer adding frames of delay.


Great news!

Nvidia do one.

Nvidia Quadro SDI


Bad news!

It's around the £5,000 mark.


Digging around, it seems there are others available. Blackmagic Design have a few different cards between £200 to £400 that would do the job.


Could this be a different solution to your problem?





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Thanks for all your help on this. I have decided on the TVOne 1T-2C-520 which will not scale but does convert to SDI.


Although the graphics card suggestion is good it does not fit my specific application where people are turning up with laptops with VGA outputs.

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It turns out that the TVOne 1T-2C-520 is not suitable for this task so they are being returned to the manufacturer. The TVOne C2-2105A is a much better solution and did the job nicely. Unfortunately they are also twice the price.
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