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Pulsar Outstation OS1- Programming Help Needed!


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Hi all,


I am in need of some simple steps to how to program the blasted OS1... Can't get my head round the instructions at all!


The layout go something like this:


DMX addresses:


1 – Red attribute for outer two cans


2 – Green attribute for outer two cans


3 - Blue attribute for outer two cans


4 – Red attribute for inner two cans


5 – Green attribute for inner two cans


6 – Blue attribute for inner two cans


7 – Yellow attribute for wheel lamps


8 – Cyan attribute for wheel lamps


9 – Magenta attribute for wheel lamps



All I am looking for is how to create/program few static scenes, slow n fast chases, and a very slow chase on the wheel lamps only- they light up our water wheel to which is covered with a glass floor.


So the Leds are Pars set to a simple 3 channel DMX with RGB.


the wheel lamps are floods with glass blades on 3 channel DMX.


Anybody have any idea how I can easy get this sorted? <_<




David, in Heart of Hawick.. :)

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Just to let let you know they are not easy to program to do chases and are generally not user friendly. Keep everything as simple as possible as doing steps becomes very time consuming. You have to change every input channel to the desired level and save to a scene. You can then make a chase with the scenes. It is time comsumiung andf the final interface is not user friendly when using playback with multiple pages.
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