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Hey I have to buy a Laser Level can anyone suggest the best one there are a lot out there and I dont mind spending the money but I want a good compact one that will last.


Do you mean a plumb laser (for relating marks on the floor to points in a roof)? Or do you mean a (rotating) laser level for levelling a stage?


If the former, a PLS3 is the best currently on the market imo, and will set you back around 200 quid.

If you're dealing with relatively low roofs though, and can cope with a slightly dimmer dot, there's a Stanley Fatmax plumb laser available at a much lower cost (around 80 quid ish).


Edit: Just checked your profile and see you're in the USA (if you fill in the 'location' field its more obvious).

In that case, the PLS3 will be a bit cheaper for you, around 200 dollars.

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We are a stockist for Leica laser measures


The OP is in the US, and was looking for a laser level as opposed to a Disto. Though he didn't post again to clarify whether he meant a laser level, or a plumb laser.


Do you stock those by the way? The PLS3 seems like an obvious thing for you to carry.

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