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strand mx series (mx24)


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Making sure you're on the FX page you wish to record onto: Hit Record (middle top). Then hit the chase number (1 to 6) on the right hand side of the desk that you wish to record onto. Choose the effect/direction etc and push the flash buttons of the channels you wish to have in the first step. Hit 'Step' in the FX area of the desk (again on the right) and repeat the selection of which channels you want for the second step. Repeat hitting and step/using the flash buttons until you've completed the chase. Hit record again, and the desk will return to normal mode.


Now you can run your chase. Push the numbered button of the chase you just recorded and hit 'Go' (below the effects/direction control) You can now use the intensity/speed and the other controls to control your chase. You can run multiple chases and set different parameters for each one. As you'll notice you can un-select the chase that's running and then select another one and run that, again changing the parameters without affecting the first chase. An orange led means "selected" which is the one you're adjusting and the green led means the chase is running.



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