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Creating Personality File in Chamsys MagicQ


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Hey all,

I have been using the dongle from Chamsys and have been running it successfully with generics and some moving fixtures. I have now encountered using it with a Chinese make of a disco type scanner. It runs in 4 channels and I have been trying to create a new personality for it. I have got into the editor created a new fixture, entered all the values and channels but firstly it will not save and also I am not sure how to program different states (as using lamp on and off on the fixture is equal to a certain value on a DMX channel).


I will post an attachment of the user manual with all the details needed. Can someone help me with this?








I can also add any screen shots of what I have got so far.

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Hi Jonathan,


When you say "it will not save", what methods are you using to save the file? Clicking "save head" in the HEAD EDITOR window should show "Saved head". The file will be saved under the filename shown in the head editor window title. E.g. "HEAD EDITOR (myfixture.hed)" will save under the show/heads folder in the install directory. It will appear in the personality library under the manufacturer and short name you specified under the Names tab.


To program named states like the lamp on / lamp off as you mention, use the "VIEW RANGES" softbutton at the top. You should be able to add named ranges for each channel. So you'd have;


Channel: 4 Name: Lamp off Min: 0 Max: 7

Channel: 4 Name: Lamp on Min: 8 Max: 247


similarly for gobos:


Channel: 3 Name: Gobo 1 Min: 12 Max: 17



Once you have those setup, you can choose the named values from the POS / COL / BEAM windows, rather than using an absolute DMX value.

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Hi Jonathan,


If you drop me an email - matt@chamsys.co.uk - then we have a personality file for this fixture I could email you over and you can compare to what you have so far to see where the problems are!





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