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UPM - No sound


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Does anyone have any suggestions on why one of our UPM speakers has given up making noise. It appears to be powering up correctly and signal is reaching the unit as we've swapped and the replacement works fine.


It possibly is something to do with powering it down at the end of the show the other day.



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You mention it is powering up correctly, so I am assuming it is the self-powered version of the UPM you have. It is unlikely that a single driver failure is preventing the whole unit from producing sound as each driver is driven independently and also unlikely that all three drivers have failed simultaneously (it is possible though). The two 5" drivers can be removed from the front after you have taken the grill off, but the HF is screwed into the cabinet from behind, so you need to take the amp out to access it (be careful here, these are mains powered devices and the PSU has a couple of large smoothing capacitors on it. If you're not sure, leave it alone). If it is not a driver problem the UPM is fairly modular inside so you can probably pin down, to a complete circuit at least, what has failed if you have another unit available.


Firstly, swap the whole amp module over with another and see where the problem moves. There are four screws holding the amp on (one in each corner of the heatsink) and two cables attached to in on the inside; an input ribbon and an output block. If the problem moves with the amp, then it can only be one of two things that can be easily replaced; either the amp itself or the controller card that sits above the main amp board on little plastic stilts (the PSU is integral to the amp unit). You will be able to get an exchange rebate on the amp module if that has failed, but it will still be fairly pricey. If you know someone good with amp circuits, you can repair them to component level, but don't expect any help from Meyer with this. The PSU parts are also available off-the-shelf to someone who knows what they are doing.


If the problem doesn't follow the amp, then you may have a problem with whichever input card you have in the cabinet or, if installed, the RMS card (but I have never seen one of these fail in such a way to take out a whole box).


It should be fairly simple to track down the location of the fault and the modular design means you will be able to get it fixed quite quickly, unless you start poking around at component level. I do not think any problems you are experiencing have anything to do with powering the system down at the end of the day as they are designed to be constantly power-cycled and very robust.


If you wish to discuss it further, please don't hesitate to give me a ring.

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