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Sound Card Problems


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Hi guys,


So I decided that I needed to upgrade the soundcard in my show PC - or at least get one with multiple channels to have a play around with/try it on a few upcoming projects. So, for the sake of cheapness, I picked up one of these http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/dynamode-s-p...144048-pdt.html.


Now it comes with a mini CD with some drivers on, however when I try to launch the setup to install the "Live!" application - to give me access to the mixer and stuff, the only option it gives me is an uninstall option.


I've tried the "Sound Blaster Live! Value" drivers on the creative website, as that's what I thought the chipset may be on the card but it doesn't appear to be working.


Just wondered if anybody else has any suggestions or has indeed bought this same card?


It's Windows XP Pro with an ASUS motherboard.



Before loads of people say that "this isn't a computer forum" I've had a chat with one of the mods who says it's fine to post as it's going to be used in a theatre setting, with theatre software and it's possible somebody on here may have used this same card in a similar scenario.



Thanks guys.





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If the installer allready thinks that the application is there. It will attempt to uninstall it.


Its a common problem and you would proberly be better asking a computer forum.


I suspect you have tryed following the uninstall and installing again.


The common problem for this to happen is if something went wrong to corrupt the first install.

I would try system restore to restore the registry to the day before and then reinstall or failing that contact the manufacturer

If your windows savy you could try to find the affected registry files and remove them, but if your not then dont even consider it as you could brick your operating system.




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Try uninstalling it and then reinstalling it. It sounds as thought the old soundcard may have used the same/similar drivers etc to there is already a install on the machine. Either use the CD do uninstall it or do it through the Add/Remove Programs part of the Control Panel. Once you reinstall it should be OK.
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