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Career Advice Please!


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Hi Guys.


Don't want to blab about my life story so I'll try sum up my situation.


- Studied BA Music Tech for 4 years.. covered various things in audio. Wasn't sure what aspect I wanted to do.


- Third year was a placement year - was supposed to be doing studio work but ended up getting involved in some weekly gigs. To my surprise - really enjoyed it (and excelled at it.. so others say)


- Have spent the last 3 years engineering a few hundred gigs. Some great acts - mostly not, for 100 - 500 capacities. Assembled my own reasonable system for some freelance work. Got good rep in local area.


- Feel like I'm overqualified for the level I'm currently at but under qualified to get to the next - I have no 'real life' experience in anything you wouldn't see at your local venue - Rigging/Arraying/Smaart/High End Digi Desks/Large Scale Stage Management.


What should my next step be? My thinking is that SR companies wouldn't look to employ me (or even let me shadow/volunteer) because of my lack of experience with the above.


Would any training courses be beneficial?


Any advice appreciated.

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