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MA lite to ultra lite?


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I'm on tour at the moment with a show run on an MA Lite series 1. The next venue we're due at are offering an MA Ultra Lite. I need to confirm whether this desk will be ok but the MA isn't a desk I'm too savvy with. Will my show file load ok on an Ultra lite if the show was originally saved on a Lite and am I likely to encounter any other issues ie does the ultra lite have ethernet?


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You could have a look on the MA Lighting website - for example, by Googling for "Grand MA Ultra Lite", which would point you to here.


If that site doesn't answer your questions about the console, you could contact MA Lighting and ask them.


You should also check whether the venue has enough universes of control for your show - that's a venue question that we won't be able to answer here.

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I've programmed on Full Sizes and Broken them down to Ultra Lites before now. You'll be fine as long as you have enough Data Outputs. You may require NSP's if you need more. So be sure to have that discussion with the venue.


Depending on how the show is run, you may run into some comfort zone problems (I like the Fullsize 1 & 2 because I like the Fader availability for example), but if you're just tapping go for each cue you will definately be okay.







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The Ultra lite can only output 2 universes without additional hardware such as NSP's and 2 ports also it can be a bit annoying not having motorised faders if you're used to them and flicking across lots of different pages.
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Personally I find the Ultra Lite a little frustrating.....


As others have mentioned, you only have two data universe outputs on the Ultra Lite, so if you are requiring more than two universes, then you will need an NSP...

There are no motorised faders, so toggling between Executor Fader pages becomes very dull if you are busking.

There are also no dedicated GO+/GO-/PAUSE buttons on the console either, so if you do run your show off the go button, then you will have to assign one of the cue stack Executor's buttons to be a GO. You also have no level 'wheel' you have to press a button to make the pan/tilt wheel behave as the level wheel.

Finally be aware that the Ultra Lite does not have a built in UPS (minor detail I know, but worth being aware of) and I am pretty sure (but don't quote me on it) that you only have the option for one external VGA monitor.


All GrandMA series 1 show files are compatible across all series 1 consoles, so your show file will load just fine!



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