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conference sound recording software


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What software do you use to record a conference to hard disk on a PC?


We use a mix of solidstate, MD, cassette & DAT recorders depending on the job (they tend to keep whatever format they've been using for historical reasons). We generally use a backup device.. say a solidstate as the main device and a laptop (Audacity) or the USB on an LS9 as a backup.


Can you make any recommendations? Been looking at advanced sound recorder www.soundrecorder.net 'cos its simple and has a scheduler function (might help when I forget to hit record at the right moment) or Total Recorder 'cos it can do playback & video as well.. http://www.totalrecorder.com/







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I like the Marantz CDR310. It records to a hard drive in either stereo or mono, either wave or mp3, and then burns a CD at the end of the event. I do a regular meeting that has to go out for transciption right after the meeting. They are able to accept mp3 files, so I record as mp3 and burn 2 copies of the files to CDs after the meeting and hand them the disks. It has been 100% reliable (knock on wood) and easy to use. There is a CDR420 version that has editing capability, but I don't need that.



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Another vote for the Marantz 310, although we usually back up on a PMD580 as well. Personally I always carry a Zoom H4n as it is a 4 track recorder withtwo built in Mics for those meetings where you cant get a feed from the house PA ( or there ist one!) The other two inputs can be mic or line. Records wav or MP3 at various sizes. :)
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