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Strand R120 Riggers Remote


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I have been trying for a few days to get my R120 work with my 520i

I know it did work about a year ago but I have not been working with this company for a while hence something has happened.


The Wireless Base Station is connected to Aux3 on the Desk.

I have followed the instructions in the manual but cant get it working.


The Remote's backlight comes on and there is a flashing cursor in the top left of the screen.

The bases station RX and TX lights flash everytime I press a button on the Remote.


Anybody got any ideas?


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One of the most common mistakes I've come across on these is the address setting.


When the R120 powers up, it will briefly display an address/unit number. "X"


On the 500 remote setup screen, there are 2 columns available for the address. Make sure it's set to 0 and X as opposed to X and 0.


If there is still no joy, try one of the other aux ports.



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Select Handheld remote to be R120 Radio


Net Node is Local. (plugs locally into the rear of the console)


Port is 2AUX(1-3). The leading 2 denotes RS232 protocol. 4 would denote RS485 protocol. Aux(1-3) is set according to which port you have the base station plugged in.


Baud 9K6


Config 8-N-1


Address ____0 ____X where X is the unit number displayed on the handheld remote at poweron.


Please advise how you get on.



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