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Few topics and questions about hog pc


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Hi guys just wanted a few bits of help.

Here are my questions.


I'm thinking of buying a hog pc programming wing anybody have one for sale.


if not any idea how much a new one would cost.


anybody reccomend some alternatives.


Thanks for your help as always.

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I believe they are around £3500-£4000 new. Then a DMX USB widget needs to be purchased to allow DMX output. This costs around another £1000.


Maybe High end could do you a good deal??? :P


As for alternatives it depends what sort of interface you would like. The Chamsys software is a lot like the hog3, and a PC wing can be obtained new for £1400, including 2 full DMX outputs.

This is what I am considering as a portable set up for myself.


Another alternative is the jands PC programming surfaces.


It all comes down to the software/desks you are used to and what you are programming for.



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HES Distributors in the UK are TMB and AC. You are about right on the prices there Ben.


There are plenty floating around used on Solaris and Gearsource.


As you are studying at Lipa... would you consider hire? Adlib have a set of Wings and a single output widget. HSL have wings, and Lite Alternative have Wings too. Adlib is by far the nearest to Lipa though.


Hope this helps,

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