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12m festival PA towers - looking for suppliers


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Maybe this should be in the PA forum... but I find you staging and rigging lot far eaiser to understand :D


I'm looking for three quotes for great big PA towers for a festival stage with a rigging point at 12m.


Already got a Star Events quote, most other suppliers seem to max out at 10m. Any pointers for suppliers with this equipment most welcome.


The stage (Wangos) and PA (L'Acoustics V-DOSC) are already sorted.


Much as a debate about whether they need to be 12m would be interesting, it won't help... 12m they must be!


Many thanks!

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One thing to watch out for when hanging V-Dosc or most other line arrays is the style of the tower. The major points are the weight capacity, single point or double point pick up, and the spacing of the pick up from the mast.


The best style for hanging line array that we have come across is the Serious Stages Luna Tower or similar style from the other manufacturers .



The cantilevered truss at the top easily allows for two motors at the appropriate spacing for the V-Dosc bumper. Even with smaller arrays, two motors can make the day far easier for adjusting the angle of the array, as well as allowing for larger arrays past the 9 or so boxes of V-Dosc you can hang on a single 1T point. The second advantage is that the array is spaced further away from the upright mast of the tower. We have previously run into issues, with the dandelion style of masts, such as the Satellite towers by Serious http://www.stages.co.uk/uploads/gallery/18...?rand=699965590 . This is dependent on the number of boxes you try to hang and the curve of the array, but it is quite possible for the back of the bottom box to end up hitting the upright of the truss. We flew 9 V-Dosc + 3 dV-Dosc off two 1T motors on a Serious Stages Asteroid Tower, which I believe was a 12m tower, last summer.


As always with V-Dosc, the weight loading should be checked using the Array spreadsheet or Soundvision, as the shape of the array and angle of elevation can make quite significant changes to the distribution of weight between points if using a double motor set up or a clutch chain style set up to use front and back bumper points from a single motor.


Please feel free to PM me if I can be of further assistance.



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