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Virus email from blue elephant theatre


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I got an email (supposedly) from morrigan5@blueelephanttheatre.co.uk - which attaches a CV in a compressed file. Inside is an .exe file. By hiding the infected file in the attachment in zipped (rar) format, the BT virus protection didn't work. Inspection suggests that the mail was in fact sent TO the Blue Elephant Theatre, and they probably opened it, and have now emailed it on to everyone in the address book.




Beware if you get it. It did get detected by the new microsoft security I'm using rather than the old AVG.

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AVG usually picks up anything that MS security detects.


As long as it's updated.

I always scan rar or zip files before opening, you can set your AVG to do this.


All the same, people that send out viruses for the hell of it should have their internet disconnected, for good!

Thanks for the warning Paul.

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