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Mover not panning or tilting


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Hey guys


I have a Qmaxz 575w that has all of a sudden stopped panning and tilting. It still does everything else but even on power up tit doesnt move at all. It isnt a DMX issue as I've tried a different one in its place with the same cabling and that works fine and like I say it doesnt even move on power up!


I have opened up the base to see if I can see anything obvious I.e a connector popped of or anything loose but had no luck.


Anybody got any ideas?


Many thanks in advance





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Hmm I would say that a cable has broken somewhere for it 'suddenly' to happen in the last time it was used.


or both motors have packed up. though unlikely for both to go at exactly the same time.


the PCB controlling the pan and tilt motors has had it.


if it has sensors maybe they are broken.


does the Lamp Strike? and everything else power up.


there could be a fuse on the PCB of the Pan and Tilt control.


Here's just a list of faults that I have found in Cheap Chinese Mini LED Movers and a few just off the top of my head.

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Either motor dying would point to either a motor, sensor, or cable fault. Both motors dying means you have a power supply issue. Do your lamps do anything at all? Can you hear any other motors moving about when you first power the unit?





When I power the unit up it comes on, all the wheels inside do there startup thing and the lamp strikes fine but just no pan/tilt at all. Then when its on I can control everything else works absoluteley fine - zoom, colour etc, just again no pan/tilt



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So the head motors don't initialize? Do they feel stiff, or do they remain floppy?


Some moving heads, (and I'm thinking Robe in this case) have an enable line from the micro to the stepper drive IC's. I once had a microcontroller with a dead output port that essentially switched off the pan and tilt driver though leaving the colour, gobo and shutter motors in full working order as they were enabled from another I/o micro port.


Although less likely, certain moving heads have a 'safe power up' mode which disables the pan and tilt motors if a certain button or two are pressed whilst applying power, this is so you can adjust settings without the heads swinging around doing their reset. Might be worth checking that one or more of the panel buttons arent stuck down or leaky...press them and 'use' them to prove a point.


There are of course other things which are no doubt specific to your model, you'll need to be competent with electronic servicing to explore this further.

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