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Zero 88 Fat Frog


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Hello there anyone!


I recently have purchased for my school 3 AC lighting 250 tourspot moving lights with a fat frog desk. I went shortly after this to PLAZA show in London and asked Zero 88 if they offer training. They do but not for some time I was told. I went to the AC lighting stand and was told I should give a posting on the blue room. Basically I am asking anyone out there if I could get some training on the desk so I can probably do a quicker job than what I am doing at the moment. I don't know whether I have posted this in the right bit or not but there you go.


Thank you

jakemiller46 ;)

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Hi folks,


I don't think there are any official Frog training days planned for the rest of this year, but if you contact Keith Rogers by phone or email, there is a possibility that some could be arranged ;)


For further information on Frog training or any other questions on the Frog Series of desks click on the Frog Forum link in my signature :D

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