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Amp with Volume control wall plate


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I seem to remember coming across an amp from Crown or QSC that you were able to wire in wall plate volume control to them. Anyone know what one I mean? Obviously I know a better option would be to go for something like a DBX drive-rack. I need to get local control of a speaker in a room located around 20m from the amps, ideally I want a solution like the DBX that utilizes network cable, however that will be a bit over kill as I don't need any zoning or crossover functionality. I know the other option would be to use a 100V speaker and put an Attenuator locally in the room.


Was just wondering if I have any other options?


I want to do this for an EV ZX1i speaker.


Many thanks,



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Have a look at the Apart range, in particular:


MBR150 is a compact monoblock power amplifier


SBR160 is a compact stereo power amplifier


Although looking at the power rating of the speakers in question those amplifiers might not be adequate, so you may need to consider a separate power amp and remote controlable pre amp, e.g.:




PIR7600 remote controlled stereo pre-amplifier. A pre-amplifier that can be controlled over distance; either by IR remote control or contact closure.



(Usual disclaimer about vested interest applies!)

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The Cloud are pretty much de rigeur for bars and clubs where the main PA has to be controlled from behind the bar during daytime background music use...or where the manager would like to keep a firm hand on the DJ!


If you want soething a bit cheaper, I think Canford used to do the Alice VCA boxes, or something like that.

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