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New multi/Foldback


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I'm currently looking at replacing our multicore. We currently have an old (10 years+ linx I think was the make), multi that has various faults with it (not really serviceable).. Our current multi is on a drum, but with the new one we are going to install it, so that will reduce the wear and tear on it. I've been looking at the sssnake mc 24/8, I know the connectors aren't that great, but for a semi-fixed install (the rack with the desk in is on wheels and gets pushed back into a cupboard with the multi still connected when not in use) do people think that'll be ok? I've had quotes from VDC but they are way too expensive, I can't really find anything inbetween VDC and the thomann sssnake.. idealy I'm looking for 16-20 channels, 6-8 returns.. 30m


Also looking at the LD Systems Mon 101A monitor to replace an aging (and terrible sounding) Laney monitor. It'll be used for 2/3 singers, and the rest of the band have yamaha ms202 personal foldbacks (no drums, nothing loud).. Anybody used the 101A? Any good?


I've got around £700 for both items, so if theres something else you think might be better please feel free to say. Its a church setting install btw..




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thanks, just looked at them.. u sure they aren't just rebrands of the same product? they look pretty similar.. if they are better quality I'll definately get one from there.. about what I was going to spend..




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The stagebox has an identical crossbar and mounting holes - my guess would be that they are indeed the same product, rebadged.


That said - I have a Thomann one I use for drums, just a 12 way and it's been abused quite badly and is 100% fine. It's got a 3 yr warranty and in a fixed install - I think I'd go for one of those unless budget for branded product was sitting there.

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