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Arraying Martin F12's


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Have been searching through lots of posts about Martin's F12's but haven't found any information about how well they array. I'm interested in how they array when the horns are turned so they give 50deg horizontal and 80deg vertical. But also the other way but for my application I don't need that wide coverage assuming they even play nicely. Spaly angles etc, I can't seem to find anything on the Martin site about it.


The F12's will be mounted on a truss using the Martin Flying frames.



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You were correct... from more research Martin Audio say 35 degrees splay between sides and 55 degrees between centres.


Next question, can you achive this when using the F12's in flying frames? Or do the frames get in the way.

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The only way I've ever done this is by one of the following methods:


F12 on distance pole over s18 & a second f12 beside side it on either a tripod or another bin!




2 S18's stacked on their sides with the pair of f12's on top strapped down accordingly with ratchet straps.


Hope this helps,



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