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Cheap Multicores


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The main problem with this matter - is the HUGE difference in price between a quality multicore - and the types under discussion, making the purchase of the cheaper types almost irresistible.


However - I have repaired many of these, firstly pliosil sleeving the tails and fitting Neutrik XLR's, then some months later changing the panel mounting connectors on the drum or stage box end. This leaves only the cable left as original!


So - for fixed installations, or very occasional use - they might be OK, but for serious touring - it will be worth saving up for a really good multicore, fitted with quality connectors.

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Do yourself a favour and invest in something of good quality- not cheap and nasty. In a very short time, it'll pay you back in saved time and hastle by not failing and needing the replacement of the connectors and tails etc. Take it from me.


The horrid cheap and nasty stuff, with it's thin tails and very poor connectors with non-existent strain relief, whilst may be passable for a fixed install, is useless for live portable work in my opinion. The smaller "bar" type gig is usually where kit gets treated roughly the most - therefore quality is paramount!



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