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Cyberlight flutter..


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Anyone got any experience repairing highend cyberlights??


I´ve got a clients one open on my desk at the moment..


Its suffering badly from flutter (trying to avoid saying it has parkinsons...)..

With no DMX connected its nice and calm.. when I connect DMX with or without a terminator, various effects fluttler momentarrily and randomly..

It isnt a non-stop flutter or violent.. but it is enought to notice.

Also, it resets and homes fine, but when it activates.. its pan is ofset 45 degrees when onsite (not here on my desk though)....

On site it is an exact clone of another fixture.... 2 fixtures with address 1, on the same cable.... and the other does not do this....



Its the worst kind of problem, the kind where it kind of works... but doesnt.. so nasty to faultfind.


Ideas ??

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