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Landru Design Vectorworks Tool Updates

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Greetings from Landru Design!


I trust things are going well for you.


We've posted updates for each of our current line-up of Plug-In Objects. For the most part, this means a few tweaks and the addressing of some fairly minor bug fixes here and there. These modifications are in direct response to user feedback.


The updates for current VideoScreen 4, Staging ToolSet, SoftGoods, StageLift, and Audio ToolSet licenses are free-of-charge to license holders of those tools. Simply use the link and password you used for your initial download.


If you're one of our users, did not get this notice e-mailed to you, and want your info updated, (or, if you're not one of our users and just like getting e-mail) would you drop me a message through our Web site?



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