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Strand 520i, Moving Lights and Masking


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Hi there, im using a 520i and have some movers on the desk and I was just wondering if it was possible to save just individual attributes to a group but to exclude others, for example, using a pearl, you can set pallets but you can set them for only certain attributes.


So for example turning groups into pallets for a busking situation having just gobos stored on certain groups and colours on another etc etc and overlaying them all without canceling another out!


I have tried reading the manual but its not very specific when it comes to movers and before anyone says it, I am very very well aware that the 520i is probably one of the more difficult desks you could ever want to busk moves on but its all that I have to pay with!


Thanks in advance!

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You can either filter attribute groups at the recording stage, or record whole fixtures and filter attributes when you recall.


For the former - [Channel no.] [GROUP] [x] [@Att] {Attribute group} [RECORD].


For the latter - [Channel no.] [@Att] [{Attribute group} [Group no.] [*].

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Worth having a look at Bobby Harrell's lighting pages here

Check out the moving light tutorial document, should give you any further information.


My strand syntax is a touch rusty off the top of my head, particularly as I don't have a console in front of me, and I'm sure someone will be along to correct me if it's wrong. However yes it is possible:


Syntax is something like this: [GROUP] [1] [@ATTRIB] [COL] [RECORD]


When you push the [@ATTRIBUTE] key you should see the LCD above the keypad change to give you the attribute filters. (position, colour gobo etc, etc.)



(Also something in the back of my mind is telling me that the attribute key is different on the 300 to the 520, the 300 being which is the strand console I used last. it could be @att, or attrib, I'm not sure.)



Whilst the strand 520 is not a pearl, with the right setup, it would still be possible to busk a show. Remember you can use the sub bump buttons as macro triggers to fire groups.


EDIT: Beaten to it by gareth, who is a better strand programmer than I!

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