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Sabine 2.4ghz radio mics


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There are lots of threads on here about this system. RF dropout seemed to be a major problem on the early models. Not sure how things are now. I'd be concerned about the number of wifi enabled phones and pda's sat in the audience nicking the spectrum, along with wireless DMX, my own wireless network for wireless system setup, and the venue's caretaker's internet!!!!

Getting quite a crowded bit of spectrum!

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Hi Mark,


Since I work for the distributor of these products, I have a fair bit of experience of using them.


It is possible to have up to 70 channels working simultaneously if there is no other traffic in the spectrum - unlikely as cedd points out as we are surrounded by WiFi and Bluetooth devices.


It isn't difficult to find plenty of spectrum to use without upsetting other spectrum users. Recently one of our customers installed 30 channels in to a factory with dozens of wireless access points and machinery that communicates using Bluetooth. You can read a bit of blurb on the install [HERE].


If you are only using a handfull of channels of Sabine radio, you can use the channels numbered 62-70 with almost no fear of interference as this is above the frequency bands used by most WiFi networks. WiFi is the main thing you will need to be avoiding; going to a venue and upsetting their WiFi network with your mics is bad form. In theory the spread spectrum nature of WiFi should offer some immunity from Sabine mics operating in the same band, but I always prefer to avoid overlaps. The frequency hopping nature of Bluetooth means that you don't have to worry about that causing problems


With WiFi networks, you will usually find them sitting on WiFi channels 1, 6 or 11. Each of these WiFi channels essentially uses one third of the 2.4 GHz band; approx 22 MHz wide at the -30dB point. This means that you a WiFi network in a venue will usually reduce your available microphone channels by 20. Still plenty of spectrum for you to utilise! If you connect your PC to the receiver, you can use the free software control package to perform a frequency scan and see what channels are to be avoided for trouble free operation.


It is possible to shift the operating frequency of the Sabine equipment so part of the spectrum it is using is out of the 2.4 GHz band. This feature is of course only there for test purposes and I cannot recommend doing this for everyday operation!


As for RF dropout issues are long in the past; we have had no reports of such issues from the field since we took the products on a couple of years ago. You will find that the the range of the system isn't quite as far as UHF systems, but you can still expect 100m line of sight.


You can get more detailed information from the system manual that you can download from [HERE]


I'll not get in to all the other features and benefits here as I don't want to be accused of selling but if you have any specific questions, feel free to post them and I will reply on the forum; alternatively, feel free to DM, e-mail or phone.



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