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Laser show needed!


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Hi all


I'm currently looking to hire a laser show for an outdoor event in Bournemouth, Sat June 5th.


The gig: Dance arena at Bournemouth Uni's summer festival. I'm producing it under our club night brand and have a budget for extra production. See www.wayfclub.com for what we're all about.


Structure: 28m x 28m AJ Big top - http://www.ajbigtophire.com/doc/datasheet/28x28.pdf


I'm yet to CAD up a floor plan but they'll be an aprox 20ft x 8ft stage backed by a rather large 30ft x 8ft fastfold back projected visuals screen.


I'm also looking into having a 6ft mirror ball rigged between the king poles, load bear dependent, as another big feature.


Budget wise the gig is not cash rich so looking to see what kind of setup with operator I can get for the £500 - £600 mark so will probably suit someone based close to the area. We can sort electric hook ups etc so just someone to roll in with the kit / rig on the day. Looking for a rig that can cut it in such a big space and give a proper wow factor.


Any proposals can be sent to tbrandwood at gmail dot com, proboably best not to PM as I'm rarely on here. Any reccomendations of people to speak to also would be great.


Safety: I'm aware of the issues surrounding lasers, I need someone trained, sensible, insured and able to deal with any council / local authority questions in pre-production.


Thanks as ever in advance for any pointers! : )


Many thanks!


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We have experience with laser shows small and large and have advanced operators on the books. We have provided lasers and operators to a substantial number of clubs and events.


I am sure we can assist you, feel free to email me joe@burpleuk.com and we can arrange a quote for you.


Best Regards,

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