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Megatron / Terrafog

Bill Holmes

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Hi Guys,


We are thinking of purchasing a 'Megatron' (also known as the 'Terrafog') from a company called BSTE.


The machine is a Co2 Cannon, and I am interested in finding out what other people's opinions are on this unit and whether anybody has actually operated the unit.


Let me know!




Bill Holmes

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Manual download available here - not something I have tried - sorry. Looking at it's output on video, would be worth checking it's co2 and nitrogen consumption - it can add a lot to the running costs, we can burn through £300 worth of CO2 a night. Kinda strange it uses both as they are usually interchangable for the chill effect, I would caution - the video looks like a hand held co2 lance not anything g300 based


Unless you mean one of these




which comes with its own liquid air plant - they seem to use the names interchangably for big cold fog effects



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