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Use the Google search on here to find out more.





Thanks Mate ;)


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I'm downloading the stable version as we speak is there anything in this software that you would like to point out before I have a look around on it :(?

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Im using QLab atm but its for Mac, great piece of software and it's free but it's only limited to stereo out


Yep, QLab's excellent, and well used in small and large productions alike.


The free version is limited to stereo, but the paid for version (available for $1USD/day rental I think for occasional use) supports a lot more channels


Edit: Although I *think* the OP is looking for a Windows-based solution ;)

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I Use Stage Research SFX6, which can be mastered by yr10 students but still has the flexibility for quite complex cues.

Problem is, SFX (in the commercial world) is at a difficult price point, and as such for other than West End and Broadway it is no longer the sole and natural choice, as it was just a few years ago. SCS in particular is now able to do the one thing that SFX had to itself, which is the ability to pan between arbitrary tracks. More than that, the underlying library that SCS uses is much less difficult about hardware for multichannel playback than SFX is. And Mr Duffy is aware of the existance the same library that SCS uses, so maybe MultiPlay will get that ability too.


So, in my opinion, SFX is going from mainstream to niche.


The SFX user interface also always causes interesting discussions, all I can say is that when I've used SFX (a while ago now) it worked for me.

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MultiPlay is certainly undergoing some major changes "under the hood". This will pave the way for other features as well as a possible change of audio engine. It's certainly grown a lot from the basic cue player it started as!
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