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Sennheiser Mics


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I've been reading some threads relating to vocal microphones.


I have been a traditionallist using SM58's for about 20 years, but am now looking to provide alternatives for dry hire and general use. I cannot fault the SM 58's but as I feel the price of the mics has increased disproportionally over the last couple of years so I need to seriously consider alternatives. I have ordered some RED5 RVD 30's for assesment and I want to also try some Sennheiser mics. I have read on this forum that the Sennheised E835 is a good mic, but I am wondering about the merits of the E840 and E845 as I have seen them advertised cheaper than the E835 - which seems out of stock at a number of suppliers.


I would be grateful of further comment before I commit to buy.



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Compared to the SM58, I'd say that the E845 has similar characteristics, maybe even with a bit more clarity.


I'd even go as far to say that the E845 is more similar to the Beta 58.

Same super cardioid pattern, both have great feedback rejection.

But as far as toughness goes, the SM58 has earned it's reputation as the 'industry standard'.


Regardless of cost, what sound are you looking for?


As a vocalist, I love the Beta, my wife however, prefers her Sennheiser condenser.

I presume you are talking about live work?

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As I think I have mentioned before on here, the e 840 is a contemporary of the e 935 whereas the other e 800 series are earlier designs.


Don't tell anybody but the e 840 is very nearly as good as the e 935 for a fraction of the price. The e 900 series were created as a response to the user (not acoustic) feedback from several years experience with the e 800 series.


e 945 (and e 845) is a supercardioid whereas e 835, e 935 and e 840 are cardioid which is generally a better bet when using wedges.



Obviously I don't expect you to take my word for any of this since I work for the manufacturer. :D But I'm not a salesman...


Oh, and if you want a mic you can put nails into wood with then there are probably better products out there, such as, err, a hammer? ;)

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