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Best Video Card?


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Hi Guys . . .


I want to project video from a laptop in a professional theatre situation and I'd dearly like some advice on what I should be looking at as far as video cards are concerned . . . PC? . . Mac? . . . etc???


Also I'm interested to know whether video behaves differently when projected as opposed to being displayed on an LCD screen . . . latency . . processing power . . etc . . .?


Would appreciate any advice . . .


Cheers . . . Martin

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Full HD Content or standard def? Are you originating the content in something (Final Cut or Premiere?) as that might sway the Mac/PC debate. How are you connecting? VGA for RGBHV or DVI?


Latency - not really an issue unless your planning to capture video.


Maybe more details about exactly what your trying to achieve would enable more accurate answers.


Fo reference, we use MacBook Pro's, either straight through the display port as analogue RGBHV or DVI. We also use the Matrox MXO2 to give HD-SDI/HDMI outputs from FCP and the Matrox App.

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