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Cheap USB sound card and FREE software


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Hi there ,


Just a quick question please guys.



I need a to buy a cheap external sound card , I need to record some tracks and Im finding that my laptop onboard audio is "ok" but lacking depth and headroom.


Ideally I need a solution that is CHEAP!.... has anyone used any budget USB interfaces that give good results.

The output will be coming from a Soundcraft Broadcast desk.


Also Im currently using Audacity to record and edit my mixes .... any other suggestions of good and FREE software that I should consider.

I find that while audacity is good it lacks a large selection of filters and effects.

Any help or suggestions welcomed.





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For the USB audio interface, I'd recommend a look at the E-MU 0202 or the M-Audio Fastrack. Both have excellent sound performance, low noise and they sell in the £70-80 range. If you could live with mainly just a digital input, the M-Audio Transit is even cheaper but for analogue inputs you're limited to a 3.5mm stereo jack which is not the best.


You're going to have trouble bettering Audacity for freeware. If the main problem is the lack of effects, have you downloaded the VST enabler? Once you have that, there are lots of 3rd party effects and plugins you can download and use with Audacity.


Otherwise, some paid for software like Audition offers a 28 day free trial that you could use for a specific project.



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