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inter connecting 2 mixers


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Hi chaps /esses, I dont post very often but always read ! its a simple question really and I would very much appreciate your help ! here goes; I have 2 mixers both are yamaha, one is an mg 12/4 and the other is an mg 16/4. can iconnect the 2 together to make one ( for arguments sake ) 28 channel mixer. if so how ! my brain is getting fuddled after all these years and just cant crack it !!thanks again for your help and comments


all the best kev,

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take main mix out from one mixer to a stereo input on the other...simples :unsure:


if you need to do this, I would recoment the slave mixer to have somthing with fixed levels on it, ie stage area mics/drum kit before bringing it to the master, makes mixing easier.

of course you could use the bus outs to bring from one mixer to the other, giving you 2 or 4 seperate mixes from the slave.

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