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Sound Electrics

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As part of my Sound Course at college we 'dabbled' in the world of electrics and how to calculate different things.


Is there a course available which covers electric topics specific to the Sound industry?* I would like to take the basic stuff I learned to a better level. I'm not planning to become a sparky or to start messing with equipments internal workings but I'm curious about that aspect of Sound and would like to delve further into it.


Thanks in advance


*I'd be happy with a book

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do you mean electrics or electronics? These are different areas.


In either case, walk into a nearby Waterstones/Borders/book shop and have a look through the selves on theatre to the tiny section that will be on technical theatre and have a flick through the books available there. Also have a look at the textbook section - depending on the depth of the course, you may want to start out by buying a book with exercises to help you learn same of the theory stuff.


Or try a local library (your college library if you are still studying) for the same.


Or PLASA's online bookshop

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