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I'm working on a production of Peter Pan for October and I am investigating all the possible methods of creating Tinkerbell. In my wanderings around the interweb, I have found the Skytec/AVSL moving head lights.


Are these any good for creating a programmed Tink effect? Any other comments on them for general theatre special effects (eg could they be subsequently used as a spotlight?).


We are a small community theatre group, and we have a small stage, and we do not have to move our gear around, so high end gear is not normally required.



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I'm not familiar with the unit in question, but my suspicion would be that it won't be bright enough for what you want - it's DJ gear and that is often not bright enough to cut through general theatre lighting. Have a look at this thread which is a recent discussion about the best way to create a Tinkerbell effect - you might find some useful ideas there!
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