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Charity Dance Show


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Hello Guys, Not sure this post is in the right place so feel free to move it if need be.


Myself and my partner are organising a Dance show to raise money for Cancer Research UK, This event will take place in the University Of Salford Theatre, The Robert Powell Theatre. Salford University are allowing us the theatre free of charge as im the technician at the university. We are looking for companies to help sponsor and support this event by loaning us some equipment to make this event spectacular. The dance show is aimed to bring in local dance schools and academys together to perfom a type of showcase. For some of these dancers it will be the first time they have performed in a theatre space. The show will take place on thursday 10th and Saturday 12th June 2010, with rehearsals taking place from 4th June 2010. All proceeds from this event will go straight to Cancer Research UK.

We are mainly after lighting and visual equipment.


Please get in touch if you are able to help or know of anyone who might be able to support this event.


Many Thanks



Tel : 0161 295 6119

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Hello David,


Is there not just the option to hire whatever kit you need, like most other charity events do? The principal being, your donation to the charity is the profits you've made after you've paid whatever costs have been incurred to put on the event..


My advice would be to just bite the bullet so to speak and contact someone like HSL - http://www.hslgroup.com/ or perhaps VME - http://vme-uk.com/ (both local-ish companies), tell them what kit you need and what the job is and hopefully they'll get back to you with a good price that reflects the nature of the event but allows them to still make a profit on the job same as they would for any other.


This sort of topic's come up here on a number of occasions before and the usual feelings are along the lines of, why should people donate kit and perhaps they're time for free just because its a charity, when this is what they do as a profession.. Being freelance, I'm sure you can appreciate the need to be paid for your time and services, regardless of the job?


Sorry if this comes off as a hostile post, the question had to be asked IMO and I felt suggesting two local companies would be of use to you. Best of luck with the event, its certainly for a worthwhile cause :unsure:



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I would just like to add that June is a time when rentals go up a gear as it is the beginning of the festival season and mucho gigs being put on, kit could be scarce so offering to pay or work a deal will be far more attractive.

In the past when I have done charity gigs I have asked for usual rate; once I have deducted my sustenance and travel etc. I make a donation and apply Gift Aid which makes a tidy amount!


Good Luck and all the best.

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Having just done all production for Cancer Research UK for the "Shine" event in Manchester, we're always more than happy to work with budgets when charity is involved.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help :)

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