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Help Trouble with Imperials


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:) got problems with my Griven Imperials, some idiot that I rented to, sent in 2 phase instead of 3phase power supply, that fried the on board IC in the ballast resulting in no ignition, now my problem is the IC part number has been scraped off. I have two Imperials both have the same problem and both ICs have been scraped off, by our friends at Griven. I tried getting Griven to help me but unfortunately they cannot, not even my distributor in Singapore (Hawko). Does anyone out there know the Imperials inside out? I need help.




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Have you contacted Griven directly, or only your distributor?


It has happened that distibutors don't have any technical details or repair manuals on their products (for whatever reason), and so aren't able to help with anything more complex than a blown lamp or simple full-fledged replacement.


Griven are an Italian company, but I haven't found a direct phone number (they aren't online according to Google)


On another note:


How many pins are on this IC? If someone has one sat in their warehouse it'll help them find which bit of silicon you mean.

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Thanks so much guys, There are 7or8 pins on them.


Still yet to receive something from Griven. I already have the wiring diagrams as well as the electrnic but that electronic diagram is not for the ballast. Hmm.. I even tried calling them but most of the technicians are at Plasa. Me, I am in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, hence the time difference. Stiil nothing yet.... :)

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