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Hi Guys,


The reason for this post is, as the title hints at, to do a little bit of market research and test the waters. I've been seeing a lot of event management companies out there nowadays who cater for the live events, weddings, corporate events etc, but have yet to see any big companies that do the same sort of thing in theatre land. Now my question is; is this because in theatre it's more about using people that you know, ie a lighting designer will tend to always use the same programmer etc? Do you think there could be a market for a company that would offer to production manage the whole production from conception through the last night? This would include sourcing and managing everything from the creative team and suppliers to the catering and security? If not, then why would this not work?


If you could post your comments I would be very grateful, and appreciate any input.


Many thanks,



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If you are talking about normal theatre there are various production companies that will take on the production and administration of a show - I don't know of any that do catering and security as theatre has little cause for that - but they will source crew and manage payroll for the cast and team.


They don't usually source the creative team as that would be a creative matter usually arranged by the producer - the same with casting - but will often source the stage management etc

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