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LED RGB Colour Mixing


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Hi Gang.


I've a wee show coming up soon which, because it's a fairly small venue and the lighting will be predominantly colour washes, I was thinking of taking a brave step and light it using only LED's - almost.


I understand that whilst RGB gives a reasonable mix of colours, many newer and higher-end fixtures are now using RGBA or RGBAW.


Although my own fixtures are 3w RGB items, I had though of adding some amber and white using some small fresnels (300W Minims) as a means of expanding the range of tones/colours available to me.


Assuming than I'm not completely barking up the wrong tree with this, what would be an appropriate shade of orange/amber to use and would I need to colour correct the white from tungsten to something cooler?


Thoughts, comments and opinions please.

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Guest lightnix

I would not recommend using RGB systems for front light - you will get some very odd effects on coloured surfaces and skin tones, due to the low CRI.




e2a... Sorry I didn't read that quite correctly :D


You're (kind of) thinking along the right lines and I'd use a quarter, half, or maybe even full CTB from the Lee range (Nos 200 upwards) - to "blue up" the Minims, depending on how cold you want to go. You can still expect some unusual effects on coloured surfaces and clothes, though - although these may not prove unpleasant. You'll need to hang each pair of LED / tungsten sources as close together as you possibly can, to avoid multicolour shadow effects.


Hope that helps a bit better.

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Thanks for that Nick.


The show is in a church which has a 3 sided gallery around it. The LED's/Minims are to be mounted on stands in the gallery at either side of the "stage" (Area in front of the pulpit) to give cyc-ish and overheadish colour washes.


This should be OK in that the walls are white and the carpet is almost black


I'm planning to add a couple of S4s out front, with something like L151 in them for lighting faces.


If I'm still getting weird colours I may add another couple of tungstens to the top/sides.

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