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Martin Pal1200's


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anybody know what Martin Pal1200's are worth, there ex theatre stock so not toured heavily or clogged with smoke from nightclubs, they have proper martin flightcases and lamps.


The PAL 1200 is an automated 1200 W profile spotlight designed primarily for theatre, television and other fixed-installation applications. It features subtractive cyan, magenta, yellow (CMY) color mixing, a five-position color wheel, an automated framing shutter system, zoom, focus, frost, and a moving mirror. The PAL 1200 E is an electronic ballast version of the PAL 1200 that is suitable for use in digital photography studios and with high-speed television cameras.


Zoom: 16° - 26°

Focus: 2 m to infinity

Dimmer: 0 - 100%

Cyan: 0 - 100%

Magenta: 0 - 100%

Yellow: 0 - 100%

Color wheel: 5 positions + open, split positions

Gobo wheel: 4 rotating positions, 1 fixed position + open

Framing system: 4 shutters with 2 motors each, rotates 45°

Frost: 0 - 100%

Pan: 287°

Tilt: 85°





ps sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

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Guest lightnix
The PAL 1200 is an automated 1200 W...
... grossly oversized and overweight nightmare beast of a moving mirror from hell, which takes four people to lift it with any remote kind of ease.


Are you thinking of selling or buying them? If you are selling them, then you should be paying someone to take them off your hands. If you are thinking of buying them, then please, for pity's sake DON'T.

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