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Final Year

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Hello I am comming up to my final year of my school carrear (GCSE's) and I am soon going to be asked what I want to do, ie stay on to do a levels or leave. I do have contacts in theatres in london etc and I have a huge portlofio of all my work, so what do you think is best to do. Stay on and do A levels or go to collage and do a tech course or Get work?

Thanks for your help.


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oddly, for someone who's been teaching for ages-- If you have contacts, can do the work and are keen - go off and do it!


If it doesn't work out, you can always resume education at any time - and with a year or so under your belt, will probably do much better anyway.


Don't forget that for every real keen, performing arts student - technical or performer, there will be at least 10 who think it's a doss and couldn't care less about letting people down. If you fall into the keen category - then try real work first.


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