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faulty ledj/cpc gear

Lampy Craig

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Trust me, all possible external electrical factors(by a proper sparky in the venue where they were used the last 4 or 5 times) have been checked and it was not any sort of damp ingress(they were only ever on a dry stage or well stored).
If its burnt resistors related to the DMX input then it's just as likely to be issue with the desk/device being used to drive them, or someone plugging something else in by accident, perhaps a mic with phantom or a birdie transformer (these are just suggestions, they may not be too likely for various electrical reasons). I'm guessing your sparky couldn't/didn't check these things.
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cheers for your input peter, but I can't see it being any of these.


I'm the only person to of set them up, and they haven't seen a transformer or had phantom power near them(although granted, if it was not me but somebody else with the problem then this would of been my guess as well). The desk has also been used about five days a week since and it's not damaged any other fixtures(I'm sure in that time avo have serviced it as well, so they would of noted a fault if there was one with the desk).


They've always been set up first on the stage before band and sound get on, then signal put in once the chain of eight fixtures has already been built. So I would of thought that all eight fixtures would of then been damaged and not only five if it was me plugging them up wrong as whatever dodgy power would of been sent along the whole line.(which is a pretty stupid mistake to make and luckily one I haven't made yet in eleven years, still plenty of time though now I've said that eh?).


Also there are two different faults between the five fixtures, dodgy dip switches and resistors, and as I have friends who have noticed the same faults in their fixtures it's also highly unlikely that all three of us have mistreated our lights in the same way and this is what makes me think that it's due to poor build quality or faulty components.


I'll have to fix them and then just wait and see if it happens again.


Nice one




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