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Urgent Fence Hire Prices


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Hello helpful blue roomers.


I've just got back from a client visit and I urgently need to get them some prices for me supplying some Heras fencing for an event in Oxford. I really need to do this before leaving for another site at 0730h tomorrow morning which means all the suppliers are now closed and won't be open then.


Does anyone have a company who they have used in the Oxford area before and could give me an idea of price per panel of Heras with feet etc delivered to the city centre?


Long shot I know but it would be damn handy!





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Thanks for the replies but I really needed full prices. Had already checked HSS (of course as they're usually a great "upper price boundary") but they don't put delivery costs on their website that I could find and Eve Trackway don't post any prices whatsoever so no help there!


Just in case anybody stumbles across this topic in the future (try putting "fence hire oxford" into Google, well done BR!) I was quoted by Nixon hire:


£2 per panel including 1 x foot and 1 x clip with minimum two week hire period = £4


£65 delivery each way to an OX2 postcode.


Hope that helps somebody out in the future!



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