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Mac 500 Pan twitching.


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Hi good folks of the blue room


I have an ageing Mac 500 which has started to twitch pan from side to side by a small amount.

It's as if the motor is being stepped one pulse clockwise, and then one anti-clockwise.

(For the regulars, yes the DMX is terminated (always do), and DMX cable being used) :** laughs out loud **:


The lantern has been transported without being in a flight case, and wonder if as it's been bounced around in the back of an car it's become damaged. :rolleyes:


Is it possible that the head / feedback sensor has become missaligned? If so how does one reset it?


Would love to get it working without its nervous twitch :D




John Mac.

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It may be that a little bit of dirt has been dislodged and got in the way of the encoder wheel sensor. It might be worth whipping the base lids off and blowing out any dust from around the encoder wheel and the little light sensor either side of it. If this doesn't work, I'd check it for a dry joint or any crispy wiring on the loom to it etc.





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